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group of ladies at dinner


Who We Are & What We Do

W.I.S.E is a group that gives a platform for women to come together to build and support each other.  The sisterhood comes without judgement allowing the individual woman to grow, heal, overcome and learn.  All women are welcome without regard to to age, race, ethnicity, or religion.



W.I.S.E. mission although simple, requires commitment, willingness to be open and honest, and an open mind to receive guidance and wisdom from others. 


W.I.S.E. mission is to help nurture, motivate and excel women to their next level.  A level that is spiritual, emotional, physical and financially uplifting.

To see women worldwide build a strength within themselves and others to achieve excellence.  For women to understand and build a relationship with God.  Knowing His presence in their life will bring forth manifestations of blessings.  These blessings that will overflow in abundance allowing a spiritual and natural change to the individual and others.  

group of women posing with individual woodshop projects
group of women posing outside restaurant for group photo


Self Love

Spiritual Awareness

Financial Freedom and Growth

Community Outreach


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