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Lady Baaith, W.I.S.E. and You

Like a number of women, Virginia Lockett-Baaith is a business owner, mother and wife.  Like many other women the earning of each of those titles has been a journey filled with trauma.  Had it not been for a deep and continuing faith, she believes she never would have had victory over her struggles.  Nor does she believe the Vision given her would have come.  While the pain of the journey has been real, it was a catalyst for growth.

Born and raised in New York, she has always had a love of community, a yearning for a deeper awareness of God and a recognition that women should have a unity that spanned ethnicity, color, location and income. She has longed for such a unity from her teenage years.

Even through the cycles of her life, experiences good and bad, personal relationships that gave her little else but uncomfortable memories, Virginia held to her vision of helping to build the sister unity she saw in her spirit.

Her vision saw a circumstance both physical and intellectual, where women would have a platform, no matter what their walk of life is, where they would find unmitigated support, genuine unconditional love and sisterhood in every sense of the word.

She saw W.I.S.E.  “Women In Support of Each Other”      

WISE is a world-wide vision of a support platform for women and girls.  It provides knowledge, direction, motivation, sanctuary, confidence in those areas of life where difficulty can arise.

Matters like marriage, business building, entrepreneurship, child guidance, and spiritual -development most of all.

WISE sponsors community wide events, promotes fellowship between like minded people, churches and organizations.  Neighborhood betterment is an essential part of our outreach efforts.

WISE is a vision all people but most especially women can share in.

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