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W.I.S.E. knows that in the heart and mind of many women is both desires and dreams to own and develop a business. Their business.

For some of us, it has not happened yet because we doubt our ability bring our entrepreneurial dream into reality. For others of us we wonder where the money will come from to launch the business. But what it is more true is we simply do not know how to “go into business.”

W.I.S.E. assist women in making their business visions become real.  W.I.S.E. and the business incubator will assist with understanding the requirements of financial help from local, state, and federal resources.

From the W.I.S.E. business incubator you will learn what business forms are necessary to register your business, what kinds of licenses are needed and why. We will teach how to develop manuals and handbooks for personnel development.

But perhaps even more importantly we will teach you how to grow your business after you have initiated it. No business grows accidently or without a plan in place to make it happen. Business analysis, branding, development of websites, social media and marketing all have to be part of plan for helping your business grow.

Business Discussion
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