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Ways to Give

W.I.S.E believes in helping and supporting our women's organization by providing counseling, clothing, shelter, food and sometimes just the experience of being able to do events such as shopping sprees with new and used clothing, shoes and accessories at no charge to our women.  Although our organization is based on women support, we know the importance of being active in the community as a whole.  It is through the support of people and organizations in the community we are able to provide these gifts and moments for individuals and families.  Financial is always important, but we also need donated toys, clothes, shoes accessories, stationary and hygiene products for all genders and ages.  



Donations can be provided as follows:





Help us meet our goal.

Women are often the core of family and will find a way to make a way. Yet each day they are beaten, abused, homeless, not able to feed themselves or their children. They are broken and often feeling alone to fight the battles of life.

WE ARE WISE feels building the woman will build the community. Investing in our women will show them how to invest in their families, children, relationships, finance, business, communities and all aspects of their life.

We are raising money to provide food, clothing, shoes, career preparation and training, mental counseling, support groups, shelter assistance and so much more.

To be able to provide these resources and further our cause to change tears to triumph we need help. We have setup this campaign with a goal of $20,000.

With your help, WE ARE WISE can reach this goal and continue the work providing supplies and resources to those in need.

Please help if you can and spread the word. Every donation makes a difference.


(786) 877-5411

We Are Wise


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We accept new and gently used clothes for all genders and ages, shoes,  accessories, non-perishable food items and toiletries.  

Please call to setup drop off appt


 Monday - Friday

11:00am - 4:00PM

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At Events

W.I.S.E host several events a year to promote health and wellness, educational benefits, business building, financial freedom and so much more.  We need volunteers for administrative tasks, vendor assistance, informational booths, parking valets and attendants, ticketing and other tasks that may arise during events

As a Driver

W.I.S.E provides transportation to individuals and families for events and appointments.  With the amount of participation, at times we use volunteers to assist with these transportation tasks.  If you are interested in volunteering for transportation needs please contact our office.  Unlike Event volunteering there are state requirements to assist with transporting individuals. 

Become a Partner

Become a Partner

If you are an individual or company anywhere nationwide  we invite you to partner with us in supporting an organization that is serving the communities we live in.  Becoming a partner gives you a unique opportunity to make a difference, an impact and an opportunity for those looking for help and guidance.  This is help is not limited to any type of business or organization.  There are so many in need for housing referrals, insurance, financial counseling, drug rehabilitation, employment, medical supplies and so much more.  Partner with us and be a part of the change in our nation.


Want to become a partner? Contact us

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