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Programs & Services

W.I.S.E provides programs and services for the betterment of women and our communities.  We are committed to being a worldwide resource for those in need from all walks of life.  

Women's Fellowship

W.I.S.E sees a need for women to come together to share life experiences and knowledge.  To be a supportive foundation to other women who may find themselves isolated or alone in life.  

W.I.S.E. believes that as women we are often burdened to bear  many burdens when it comes to family, work, relationships, christianity and everyday obstacles and tasks.  

Through our weekly fellowship we as women can come together to lighten that load for each other.  To fellowship with a W.I.S.E. woman means to be open and honest through laughter, tears, teachings and  organized activities.  We meet, travel, attend events and give back to our community, with hopes of building bonds with those like-minded.  Providing a place of peace in an otherwise troubled time.

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Youth Mentoring

Mentoring our girls today into strong and independent women of tomorrow.  

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Business Resources

Helping women to start and grow a successful business.


Senior Companionship

Giving back to those who gave to us and sacrificed for us to have the freedom and growth as women in today's society.

Family Resources

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W.I.S.E continues to find resources and opportunities that will make a difference for the young girls, women and senior women in our communities.  Be sure to subscribe to stay connected and know when a new resource or opportunity is available.

How Can We Help

W.I.S.E  believes in supporting our communities.  We provide resource information and assistance to individuals and families to access these resources.  Many times resources are not known to those who are challenged mentally, physically, financially and spiritually.  Those who may be without food and shelter.  Most services we offer are free and any fees will be associated with the agency offering the service not W.I.S.E.

Spiritual Counseling

W.I.S.E. believes in a Godly foundation for all things.  Understanding your spiritual side and connecting with God is the basis for our spiritual counseling.  We have affiliations with religious clergy and Christian support for your spiritual needs.

Veteran Assistance

W.I.S.E. understands that there are many military individuals who have put their life on the line for our freedom.  Despite this great sacrifice many veterans are homeless and without knowledge of benefits available to them.  We will assist with explaining and applying for these benefits.  


W.I.S.E. not only provides various support groups for women, we also connect those in the community with needed support provided by the community.

Financial Counseling and Training

W.I.S.E.  believes financial freedom starts with understanding financing.  This includes budgeting, saving and investing.  We will analyze your finances with you and provide a realistic budget to help you reach and maintain financial freedom.

Housing Referral and Assistance

Are you homeless or struggling to maintain shelter?  There are many programs being offered locally, statewide and nationwide that those in the community are not aware of or feel they do not qualify for.  W.I.S.E will assist with applying for available resources to provide shelter or help you catch up with your present residential obligations.


With the start and spread of Covid -19 there are so many benefits available for people who may not have qualified prior to the pandemic.  We will provide benefit information and if applicable assist with applying for those benefits.

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