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Family Resources

Our present time is one in which there are uncertainties in every arena of society. Tsunamis of social structural disorder seem to be impacting the family greater than anywhere else. The reasons why are varied, strong and destructive.

W.I.S.E. sees the impact on our culture but we are determined to slow if not halt what we see as a collapse of the family. W.I.S.E believes the cornerstone of the family, which is the woman, having to face growing pressures from single parenting, being a one income household, struggling to obtain more education/training to enhance employment opportunities as pressures on the family.

Pressures the structure cannot sustain. W.I.S.E. understands those realities but we refuse to surrender to them.

We believe the encouragement we can offer families through our outstretched hand of unity, group support, community resources availability, and mental health assistance if needed will help lift burdens off of families.

W.I.S.E. is determined to meet every problem with every help we can give.

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